Happy New Year


Have you made a New Yer’s resolution this year?

I wondered if it was worth it as I don’t keep them and I’m not sure if anybody does. However, I have made one this year which I aim to keep, that is to write something, anything every day; longhand or on the old pc I don’t mind as long as I get the words  down.

Since 2011 began I have written ten thousand words, plus more. So I am still on the right track and it’s only 9th Jan. Today I copied my notes to my documents and was surprised at just how much I had done without sweating the small stuff. It is mostly research but I am not agonising over each and every word just yet – after all this is only the first draft of my w.i.p so I can go anywhere with it.

I enjoy the process of researching and discovering some gem, quite by accident, which will take the story in a different direction. So the first idea for a new story is not necessarily the finished article.

Sadly I had to relinquish my membership of the RNA this year as I have been under enormous pressure and was unable to make the deadline to re-join. I will miss the friendly camaraderie but I will still be able to communicate with my RNA friends in other places, so all is not lost.

I wish you all you wish yourself.

All the best